~Song of Fulfillment~

Founded by His Eminence KALU RINPOCHE

Directed by Venerable LAMA LODU RINPOCHE

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Lama Lodu Rinpoche gives the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities Initiation and Teachings
Saturday, August 23rd - Sunday August 24th, 10 AM - Noon, 2 PM - 4 PM each day
1892 Fell St., San Francisco, CA
$50 Per Day ($25 for KDK Members) or $100 ($50 for KDK Members) for the weekend; for registration please visit:

All the Sangha should take this chance and opportunity to receive these teachings on the Bardo. As we are human beings, we are born and then go through different ages where we are happy and unhappy, as well as doing good and bad actions. Karma, whether or not you believe in it, is infallible. But, at the time of our death our karma takes control of us. We have to face our karmic actions. As we know, we are capable of doing good but we accomplished very little good and instead, were constantly doing bad. We should expect that our experience during the time of death and afterwards we will have a lot of confusion, fear, and panic.

More than that, this life is short, but our future lives are very long. We are quite capable of doing good things because our speech, mind and body are quite highly functioning but we are completely under the control of bad habits, so we always do more bad than good. Now, however, we have the opportunity to apply a remedy while we are alive and functioning. This remedy is a good heart. It is very important because when you have a good heart, you easily create devotion to those who are pure and stainless and do good things – those we admire and respect. Also, we have sincere love and compassion to all those confused sentient beings doing bad actions. Sincerely admiring the good with love and compassion is a Mahayana topic, but in general everyone loves and admires someone else, so in a general sense devotion and compassion becomes the most basic remedy to all of these negatives. In the Vajrayana and Secret Mantrayana, the direct antidote to avoiding the difficulties of the bardo are the Bardo Teachings and a lifetime of studying and familiarizing ourselves with the practice: this is the excellent antidote.

The Bardo Teachings are now well known in the West, and there are many books you can read. Most people read just to entertain themselves, but they do not adopt it in their mind. This is not the right thing to do, as you have to have a more serious concern for the next life. These teachings are from the 8th Century Maha-tantric master, the Lotus Born Guru who composed this text and hid it in a rock as a treasure. A later emanation of Guru Rinpoche, Karma Lingpa, came as a treasure master who discovered this text for individuals to use during the dark age. The transmission of this lineage goes from Guru Rinpoche up until Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche Rangjung Kunkyab, who is the truly realized master. At the present time, the one who gives us the initiation and teachings is a disciple of His Eminence Rangjung Kunkyab. We are fortunate to be receiving the initiation and teachings from a teacher who has written a book about the bardo, Death and Dying, and who has gone through some experiences on these topics.

KDK urges everyone to pay attention to this schedule. On the First Saturday morning the initiation will be given on the Peaceful and Wrathful 100 Deities, along with explanation. Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday we will discuss what the experience is at the time of death and dying, what happens after death, and how we can apply the remedy to these different things we struggle with due to our karma. Between the teachings there will be opportunity for question and answer.

In each state of the bardo, there is very much confusion and mental difficulty that makes it hard to concentrate and focus. There is a way to avoid this problem at the time of dying and after death; during these two days, this will be discussed. We have a translated daily practice Sadhana and one can maintain and practice it so that at the time of death, you will have remedies you are familiar with and you will be ready to go when the time comes. All of this will be provided. After the initiation, you may get the sadhana from the bookstore, and during the teachings we will receive an explanation of the sadhana and different stages of the bardo. Please be welcome to come, but prior to the first day you should already have had refuge and taken the bodhisattva vow, those are important. We don't want anyone to return who is not seriously participating and putting this into practice.

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